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Published on Jan 18, 2020
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Hello Everyone,
Here Zyanf is coming again with another video on 3Speak. In this video I made a tutorial about how to join 3Speak Discord Server.

At first open your browser and go to 3Speak official website


After going to there homepage you don't need to sign up or login to find their discord link. Just click on the three dot menu. You will find their joining link.


By clicking three dot menu, you will find many things about 3speak. You can also find the discord link at the below.


When you click to the Discord option. They will redirect to their joining link page. Then click the join server.


After click join server you will go to your discord app or website view. Then you find there is a invitation link to join 3Speak Discord Server. Just click the Accept Invite. Then you will access to their Discord Server.


Watch the full video then it will be more helpful for you. Thanks for watching this video. If you want to know more about anything just comment below the post.

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