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Published on Jan 25, 2020
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My Daily Morning Medicine

These two medications, I take the daily morning time. One is Ascardd and the second is Cotasmi. These medications help maintain heart health and blood pressure or emit a normal problem. These two medications, I take them in the morning before going to school.

My Daily Evening Medicine

i take these two medicine in evening time before going to bed. so these medicine are enter in my daily routine of life. these medicine are my enter in my daily routine so i thought to mention also these .

Daily Life as Curator

I am working as a curator at Steemit. It is my first week in this regard. But I am enjoying. I think that being a curator in steemit we can read and get more experience about work or blogs in steemit. so I am learning many new things as a curator. I have a great desire to do my job honestly and with good effort.As a curator, I need to spend more time looking for a good post. Before curating them, I have to read them. Then I select for curate. So it is really a time-consuming job. so my daily routine in steemit is to spend more time in steemit.


i use very much my discord account to check friend messages and i also have to use daily discord to get more updates about steemit. because if i am steemit user, then it is very much necessary to have discord account to get update as curator and to promote my steemit post. so here i am going to share with you all my discord link, come join me if you like me. i will try to guide every new steemian to write good post. i am also learning from senior. it is my discord account


i also watch tv but i do not like very much movies. i only switch on the tv for listen some lattest news. so i watch tv at least one hours in evening time. my favorite channel ARY NEWS CHANNEL.


i think my 70% daily life activities base on steemit. 3speak is steemit, tasteem is steemit, discrod is steemit, so i am fully in touch with steemit. so i try to save every photos, and every video, every food for steemit. hope my dear all steemit family will enjoy my last episode post of my daily normal routine of life. it is my daily life routine.


I love going to bed early. So my normal daily routine is that when after offering my Aysha prayer, I go to bed. i sleep at least 8 hours in night. Now the night is long and the day is short. Then I sleep more than 8 hours. It is my daily routine of normal life. I hope everyone enjoys my second post on this topic.

It is my entry to Contest that is sponsored by @blocktrades , @ocd and @ocdb and in corporation with @anomadsoul . This post was created for @anomadsoul ,@blocktrades , @ocd and @ocdb .
Thank you very much Respected @anomadsoul for this healthy contest



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