Published on May 22, 2020
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Hello Dear friends|

How are you? hope you all will be happy and fine. today in this video, i visited to watermelon market and recorded all review of market that how price increase in market,and broker other big fish how earn profit from farmer. hope you will enjoy video watermelon market review.

This is my 13th contribution to @flaxz initiative for #IAmAliveChallenge through @threespeak #3speak

after ease in lock-down, i am trying to follow SOPs of government given, but i am trying to find out some people miss behave with sops, and i am also trying to record video of every place that is sharing with you all. in this video and article i am going to show you watermelon market review. watermelon market is now open and farmer are selling their watermelon in market. shops keeper and buyer are gather very closely in market and giving market price . so i also went to this market and recorded this video for my hive community and 3speak community. but one things is very much bad and very harmful for our society that watermelon price are very much high this time in local area and at shop but i am really very much surprised to check price of watermelon in market were very much low. pair of watermelon price were $0.7 dollar. but in local market one watermelon price are minimum $0.6 dollar this was really very much huge different in price. so it is very much profit that seller are earning and farmer are selling cheap price. i do not believe so much injustice in price. i request to Pakistan government that also check this market price and also local price that should be balance .

purpose of this market review is that i want to show you that , how farmer sell their crops on cheap price and broker and other big fish sell same crops in high price in market. so i think it is one of the big corruption and frad with farmer. so government of Pakistan should notice about it. so i can say honestly that our government of Pakistan is taking bold step in this regard to protect farmer and small investor in agriculture field. so last day you can read in newspaper and international that government took major step to arrest sugar mafia industry broker and also report has been publish in all the international media to bring the face of big fish those were involve to create sugar scandal in market ,this happen first time in Pakistan against big fish.

location of this market: District Mianwali,Punjab,Pakistan

near railway station mianwali











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