Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Happy afternoon community of 3speak and dear friends Steemians.

Again today I leave a video of an illustration that I had done weeks ago but since I had nowhere to publish it was on my computer until now, the concept of this work is of a girl with robotic parts and memory replaced by false memories of a life that is not of her, all this in the not too distant future and now she has flashes of memories that she does not recognize from her true life making her doubt, about who she really is.

Music used in the video:

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)

Title: My Spirit Is Free
Music by Whitesand - My Spirit Is Free

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)
Year: 2018
Title: Your Voice
Music by Whitesand - Your Voice

I thank you for watching the process of my illustration "Memories" and I hope you liked it, see you soon!!! ❤❤❤

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