Published on Sep 06, 2019
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Greetings community, how are you all?

On this day I show you a portrait about a creature from another world, I did it many weeks ago and today I decided to publish the video of that portrait, I like science fiction and on that occasion I wanted to create a character from a girl from another planet but then I decided to make only the face.

What took me the most time in this job was working with textures since I was not used to working with them and that took me many hours of work.

Music used in the video:

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)

Year: 2017
Title: Legend of The King
Music by Whitesand - Legend of The King

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: New Frontiers
Music by Ross Bugden - New Frontiers

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: Run
Music by Ross Bugden - Run

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: Shoot on Sight
Music by Ross Bugden - Shoot on Sight

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: Unstoppable
Music by Ross Bugden - Unstoppable

I hope you enjoy my speedpaint and like it, have a great day and see you soon!!!

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