Published on May 26, 2020
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This is a viral video of a lady who just got admitted in one of the covid19 isolation centers in Nigeria. From her voice and obvious excitement, you can tell she's there for a vacation. corocation?. Her happiness really is contagious as I find myself smiling each time I come across this video. How can one be so excited even when infected with a deadly virus? Or doesn't she seem to know she could potentially die?

She is excited about the air conditioning, the table she is to eat and then major emphasis on the bed. It makes me wonder how bad her living conditions were. Did she at least have a fan at her house? Even if she did there's barely any electricity here anyway but the isolation centers have a steady supply of electricity. I've never slept on a hospital bed but here's someone excited sleeping on one. The video is quite funny but it breaks my heart when I think about how excited she is about sleeping on a hospital bed.

Majority of the Nigerian populace are in terrible living conditions which is prevalent in the rise of diseases yearly and I fear for those living in congested areas in these corona times. I can't help but wonder, how many more people wish to be admitted into the isolation centers to at least get a good night's sleep free from mosquitoes, on a well fed stomach and a well ventilated space.

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