Published on Oct 22, 2019
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Five Frightening Truths about Universe

1 Asteroids and Comments
On a busy day of January 09, 2017, An asteroid named 2017 AG13 had a close flyby between Earth and Moon. Unfortunately scientist could detect it only after it passed by earth. It was around 10 story i.e. 25-30 meters tall, Only if it had hit earth, the blast would be similar to detonating 35 nuclear bombs at once. This was enough to destroy any metrocity, state or even any country. This asteroid was travelling at speed of 16 kilometers/sec. This was just many other thousands of meteoroids and asteroids surrounding our solar system and occasionally passing through the solar system. Till year 2017 we managed to identify 900 such asteroids with length more than one kilometers. Thanks to Jupiters massive gravitational force, it saved earth infinite times from such catastrophic events.

  1. Rogue Planets
    If you think collision of asteroids and meteoroids is scary then think of collision with some Rouge Planets. These lone planets, are more scary than asteroids. For some reason, these rouge planets flung or get thrown into outer space, we still no answer how or this happens. Their number is similar to number of start in universe. These rough planets are found throughout the universe.

  2. Hyper Velocity Star (HVS)
    A lone star, travelling at high speed, enough to escape the gravitational force of galaxy. We can say HVS travel at a massive speed of 1000-10000 kilometers/sec. There are two principle how these Hyper Velocity Star are formed, both theories support the principle of binary star system. In first principle, two planets while orbiting the centre of mass, one of them gets close to black hole and gets absorbed while other get thrown out in the outer space with massive speed and becomes Hyper Velocity Star. In second principle if one planet or star exploded into supernova then the nearby planets are pushed outwards with hyper velocity.

  3. Rouge Black Hole.
    This Rouge Black Hole theory and its existence in reality is more frightening. There are n-number of black holes roaming freely around universe and there presence is felt only when it about to destroy the nearby planet or star or any other heavenly body. One such Rouge Black Hole was detected in year 2000, they named it XJ1417+52. This was found at the edge of Galaxy, 4.5 billion light years from earth and not in the center of Galaxy.

  4. Collision of Galaxies
    This is very rare event, and we are not lucky to witness this event, scientific communities around world had confirmed one such event, when our Milky Galaxy will collide with nearest galaxy Andromeda. This will trigger many events, like formation of planets, solar systems, black holes, rogue planets and hyper velocity start and much more.

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