Published on Jun 29, 2020
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The number one player and number 4 player of our team had killed an enemy, I reach the department in a house. I think that the enemy is present here and is alive so I start firing as soon as we arrive and our team players We also think that an enemy has come, he also starts firing, in this misunderstanding, the real enemy reaches there, our number one and number four players leave from there, I settle alone but I kill the enemy. Am At the same time, the enemy comes from outside and kills the people of our team near the same house, but when they reach the Talak, another enemy reaches, then I injure and kill it. There were still 18 players busy in the match, in which 4 people were on our TV, our number one and number four player were on the hills and we had the number player, we were in the house down the hill and we had scopes looking away. There were no, so we were watching from a distance, only then the number two player of our team injures the enemy. I go and revive it, after that the field of the game starts to get darker, we run to go inside the field of play, our condition is very low, so I use a three wheeler motorcycle to surround it I go and till I complete my help then there is a shoe of enemies there. Our number one player does not pass, he fights but he is killed, as well as I pounce on the enemies but I also hit I go

PubG Lite mobile gameplay

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