Published on Mar 13, 2020
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While on a holiday in Japan we came across this photo of the Okama Crater in a brochure while waiting in line to get our JR pass for the train in Tokyo.
So when we got to our hotel we did some research and worked out that we can use our JR pass to get to Kaminoyama Onsen which is near where the crater is located.

Once we arrived to the Kaminoyama Onsen train station we found out that there is a free shuttle bus that leaves the train station that will take you up to the top of Mt Zao.

We Jumped onto the bus and headed to the top of mount Zao. As we started to get higher up the mountain we passed large lumps of ice on the side of the road. I was only wearing shirts and a tshirt haha I was didnt expect it to be cold out here as it has been so hot in Tokyo!

Once we got to the top of Mt Zao there was a ski lift to take us all the way to the top. Before we know it we are high above the clouds.

A short work and there it is... We are looking down on the Okama Crater. What a sight!
It was definitely worth the mission up here!

I hope you enjoy the video I have put together from our trip. Thanks for stopping by and happy travels :)

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