Published on Oct 05, 2019
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I've said recently that 3speak will turn out to be one of the best video platform the internet space would ever accommodate. This being the case, everyone should get involved especially in this formative stage.

While some users are still thinking of whether to start sharing their videos on 3speak for whatever reason, such can avail themselves for some awesome curation rewards by engaging the videos.

Video Engagement is not commenting "great video" and the likes, it demand that you:

  • actually watch the video,
  • Understand the context and language is the video,
  • give an insightful comment.

Doing the three is what constitute engagement and a curation effort of a resteem and a vote may follow.

Watch the video and share what you think on the comments section.

There is an awesome engagement reward available for users who Engage Videos well. This is only available on the platform.

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