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Published on Oct 24, 2019
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Today, i made a walk to our State Civil Service Secretariat to meet a friend. On getting there, I got so worried when I Saw how seemingly lazy the people looked.

Most of them are desk officers and do virtually nothing throughout an eight-hour (8am - 4pm) routine work life.

I quickly seized the opportunity to tell them about blockchain and Steem in particular where there can engage their thinking and writing abilities by posting on the steem blockchain.

I saw a rather creative woman who makes fascinators and I told her how she can be sharing her skills on

I successfully created new accounts for @bumadie and @Ironlady and they will begin tl share value to Steem.

I will return on Monday to help others build their dreams around the steem blockchain.

I am also glad to have added 2 new users to the @Steemchurch Telos home - bumadie.jc and ekomudoh.jc

Below is an array of pictures I took.

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