Published on Nov 26, 2019
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Those who follow my blog and who was my videos wil will attest to the fact that I've not been posting for some days now. This was due to my I'll health which lasted for close to a week after my mission trip.

I'm glad tp be back and bouncing. I love steem and wouldn't stay a day off here except for verious reasons.

This is my first video as i begin my third subscription on @threespeak.

I'm aware of thr very many awesome activities ongoing here and will gladly join all.

Thanks to friends who knew about my ill health and we're praying for me.

As I resume my Steeming experience, I'll be creating more Contents and will also be promoting Steem on a more serious manner.

I'm back to steem stronger with lofty deals that would benefit this blockchain.

Hook up to my nexy video/blogs for more information.

Please subscribe to my 3speak channel for more Inspiring Videos.

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