Published on Oct 07, 2019
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I was inspired to create this video after seeing a quote by Apostle Joshua Selman that "Consistency is a proof that you did not rise by luck".

That line of quote spoke volumes to my heart and I dated to express some of the insights I got throu the video.

The video concerns individuals, groups, firm and brands. Remember, we are all a brand and it takes effort to build a good brand.

I have made attempts to explain what consistency is and how a brand can maximize it to become the most sought for.

As it concerns steem blockchain, consistency should be an important characteristic of a good content Creator. When we create good content, we create a hunger in the heart of curators who tend to come next time in want of such quality. Where it is lacking, one gets discouraged.

I hope you get inspired as you watch the video as we begin a new week.

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