Published on Jul 20, 2019
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Extinction Rebellion (XR) spent 5 days disrupting a main road in Leeds City Centre as part of their Summer Uprising.

I decided to go down and have some conversations with them to find out what belief systems and ideas were driving people to sit in the street all week, and see if I could have some fun challenging them.

XR's stated demands are to get the government to tell the truth, create a citizens assembly and change all policies to ensure net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

I believe it is important to stand on your principles, and I applaud anyone that does, so I wanted to use dialectic and meta questioning to enter into debate, drive discussion and generally create a little frivolity about what the situation really was.

This is episode 1, in which I speak to a nice lady called Pat, and a gentleman who's name I did not find out, but I shall call him 'Stone-age Man' for reasons which will become obvious.

This video was created for my entertainment purposes only.

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