Published on Aug 25, 2019
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JEFFREY EPSTEIN MAP - Tracing Epic Criminality Through US/Israeli Gov - Blackmail, Child Abuse & Arms/Drugs Dealing

After many hours of research, combining the work of Whitney Webb from Mint Press News with other information from my memory and the internet – here’s version one of a network map that connects up many of the key characters that have been identified so far as being connected to the child abuse rings and other criminal organisations that have plagued us for decades.

We can find here connections between Jeffrey Epstein, Numerous world government leaders – including Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Numerous blackmail operations are covered, running through decades – including Donald Trump’s alleged ‘mentor’ Roy Cohn and the Franklin coverup in the 1980s effecting the Reagan administration.

There are so many connections here that it is almost impossible to even display them all in a meaningful way. Expect updates soon.

I highly suggest checking out the source material for much of this map from Whitney Webb’s 4 part piece on Epstein’s network – here:

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