Published on Sep 06, 2019
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There's so much to say in relation to Jeffrey Epstein's associations, network and the accusations made against him and his cronies - that we really need a thorough map just to understand it. Nearly every day new research surfaces and I have just heard that there is a good chance that 2000 pages of related information may be released from the court process that names another 100 people!

Version 1 of this map was made on software that just wasn't up to the job (see: , so I've moved on and upgraded to a much more suitable app.

I've put countless hours in the last few weeks into building this map, which contains information from hundreds of sources, including court cases, witness testimonies, books, mainstream media coverage and beyond. I cannot personally say how much of this information is accurate and who is or is not guilty of crimes - I can only map out what has been reported and is in the public domain. Nothing on this map is my own creation, I am just laying out what you can already find online if you know where to look.

The connections here are at times shocking and I feel that if we all understand what we are looking at in this case we can start to understand just how likely it is that Jeffrey Epstein was either murdered or allowed to disappear from prison (involving a fake corpse). We are literally talking about THE world's wealthiest people - MANY of them.. So pretty much anything is possible here!

I am currently looking for help from trustworthy researchers to finish this work and I will be approaching them now to see if they are interested. If you want to help please consider an upvote on Steem or a direct donation since this really does take a lot of time and I have bills to pay. I'd do it for free anyway because of the importance of the case, but I have other commitments.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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