Published on Aug 01, 2019
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The web of intrigue connected to Jeffrey Epstein continues to expand exponentially. Not only has it been announced that 1 millions evidentiary documents will be involved in his court case - but he has now also been tied to Deutsche bank, the eugenics movement and has even been accused of planning to arrange some kind of breeding program to produce large numbers of offspring from his own sperm / genetics. The connections to a kind of nazi idealism and 'super race' of Jeffreys is literally the topic of several mainstream news pieces lately... Is this distraction or really part of the high weirdness that the cabal of cultists that continues to be exposed are really invested in? Let's take a look...


Epstein's Money Trail (RT)
Links on 911 - including the Missing Trillions Documentary
Founder of Wired Magazine on Google
Epstein's FBI sweetheart deal
Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA (NYTimes)
Jeffrey Epstein wanted to seed the human race with his DNA, scientists claim (RT)

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