Published on Aug 04, 2019
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There is a repeated theme in large scale shootings in the US where the 'official narrative' describes a single 'lone wolf' shooter, but points of evidence show multiple un-named shooters. In this video I go over some testimony from the day in El Paso where an eye witness describes seeing 3/4 men dressed in black shooting - not one single shooter as has been claimed.
The Walmart store is likely covered in cameras, yet we have almost no footage of the event - just a couple of grainy shots.
Why would people at so many shootings describe seeing multiple men in black if there was only one (possibly not even dressed in black)? This happened at Sandy Hook, the Aurora cinema shooting and others too.
On top of all of this, the Youtube policies now specifically include a clause that states that discussing this kind of evidence and possibility can get you banned! Welcome to the 'free' world - where truth is what you are told it is.

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Ura Soul

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