Published on Sep 09, 2019
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The epic deep dive into all things Jeffrey Epstein continues here. I rewatched the infamous scene from Corey Feldman (Ex Child Actor turned Hollywood abuse whistleblower) earlier and realised he was sat next to Barbara Walters – who effectively tried to shut him down as he spoke out. This triggered my spider senses because Walters already appeared on the Jeffrey Epstein map due to her close relationship with Roy Cohn. Cohn has been identified by numerous sources as both ‘one of the most evil men alive’ (at that time), but also because he was likely involved in large scale blackmail operations against the world’s powerful people – often using sex and possibly children to achieve that goal. Given the nature of Corey Feldman’s claims and the close ties between Hollywood, child abuse and governmental power/institutions – it is both alarming and telling that instead of compassion and wisdom, Walters’ first response is close to being an attack on him that appears to be a futile attempt to silence him New data is being added to this map constantly and it will be released imminently. Wishing you well, Ura Soul #epstein #news #politics

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