Published on Sep 05, 2019
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To control an entire planet does not need to require an authoritarian dictatorship if you can control just enough people who themselves control just enough people that you find yourself on top of a global power pyramid. As long as your cronies and puppets follow orders, then their followers will also follow those orders and you are emperor of the world! Sounds crazy? Well, this is essentially how militaries operate and it is governments that direct them – so it follows that you only need to control governments and you have control of militaries too. If you can insert your people at the top of governments, corporations and militaries you are most of the way towards covert global control.

We only need to look at the situation in Britain recently where Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) effectively sacked anyone from his party who disagreed with him, to see this abomination and anti free-will, anti democratic process in action.

In this video I go through a few forms of evidence that total takeover of politics has taken place already. From an entry exam question to the ‘elite’ British college, Eton, from which numerous British Prime Ministers have come – that forces applicants to roleplay being the Prime Minister and to justify murdering British citizens during a fuel crisis… through to academic level work that exposes ‘the network’ that has operated from behind the scenes for decades to implement the fake democracy we have ‘known and loved’ for so long – there’s a huge amount of important info in here.. Don’t miss it!

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