Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Ever wonder why you see the same websites at the top of unrelated searches in Google so often? It's not random, they skew their results to favour establishment sources such as universities, governments and large corporations. Not only does this make it very difficult for less wealthy groups/people to be seen, but it lowers the overall quality of the search results. What we are left with is not a view of the web as it is, but as Google and it's partners wants us to see it as.

The Google Whistleblower, via project veritas, has shown us much of how Google manipulates search results and thus our perceptions behind the scenes - but there is much more to the situation.

There are solutions - but we'll need to know what the problems are, why they exist and what the alternatives are - So let's dive in!

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Ura Soul


Google blacklisted
Google censors to PROTECT Trump -
Google Whistleblower + Bill Gates / Jeffrey Epstein info being censored?

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