Published on Jun 27, 2019
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Families Destroyed By The State is a UK based group which is fighting for the rights of parents and children who are being removed from loving families by the British state. The very same state in fact which was complicit in protecting high level paedophiles, like those served by monstrous Jimmy Savile for decades.

Taking children away from their families and into "care" for the most spurious of reasons, creating 'evidence' to justify their actions, and a system which does not even allow families whose children have been stolen to have a right to challenge the fabricated evidence against them.

Please help us support the families whose lives have been literally destroyed by this nightmare.

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If anybody could please donate to our PayPal to help with costs towards transport, filming equipment, leaflets, banner (etc) and demonstrations against forced adoption, and help parents and victims get theirs and their children's voices heard. If you can please donate to
We can't thank you enough!

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