Published on Jun 21, 2019
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Confidence as if you know, extract all info you can.
BTC acts like a battering ram.
I don't know the real value of a bitcoin, more comfortable for me to gauge the price of something like Steem.
If you focus more on the price then actually building, this is akin to staring at the scoreboard during a game. If you want to win, you must score points, be in the moment and focus intently on the process at hand. Looking at the scoreboard the entire game nets you no points and hurts any chances you have of winning. This is the time to tie up our laces and ball out of control!

The white walkers are coming…
While 1% of 1% are fighting over useless nonsense, wasteful resources and time are spent attacking each other when we could be working together.
Whom are the white walkers? Facebook’s Libra, Walmart chain, google chain, governments, and the list goes on.
Bridges, embracement; the goal I see for Steem is to bring value to almost anything one can think. Share 2 Steem and apps like it are our future meal tickets. We trojan horse in as an extension, a value adds. We give. Run this extension, easily share all your post from any social media website to Steem, to at the very least back up your content.
We should be looking to bridge. How you win, as an accessory at first. Things like share2steem must be sleek and easy. Every click or action is 100% more friction. People use FB, maybe even add a UI over FB that shows Steem payouts. Little things like that start to spread. Someone from FB gets banned, and all their data is gone? Not if they had been sharing it on Steem as a backup. Steem inserts itself through sheer value.
Some blockchains get all the luck, ICO projects raising 100's of millions, all the publicity one could ask for and yet have dog shit for a working product. The world is ass-backward land, and I'll repeat it, what seems self-evident is usually a trick. The shitty part about this is Steem will need to do 10x the work while getting spit and stepped on the whole way. Steem wins through sheer consistency, and value add. We must blow everyone away with the exceptional value Steem brings. Inserting Steem dapps/apps/extensions and everything in between into every crevice of the internet. We should be making every website out there better and for free. That's how we win. The more we give, the more we get back.
I am personally excited about the new EIP and what it could do to bring back that innate publicity that comes with content discovery and SEO. I understand the meaning of handing content rewards over to SMTs and let Steem be a consensus/bandwidth token; I feel we are not there yet. This new EIP should help content discovery right on the heels of SMTs being launched. The timing is perfect, and I am thrilled with the direction. With all the new innovations (while some controversial) shows Steem has a pulse, we are fighting tooth and nail and give up isn't in the chain’s blocks. While opinions are abundant, stake is what matters, put your stake behind the witnesses you believe in. Ultimately, we all trust the top 20 to do what is best for our Steem Blockchain. And I could not be more confident in the witnesses we have, top 20 or not we have incredible people here helping secure the chain.

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