Published on Jan 02, 2020
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Recently researchers have been asking the questions “Are Rotten Tomatoes” fake. This has been especially been asked in regards to the latest Disney movie "Starwars: Rise of Skywalker" which has had a frozen 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes since it came out. The 86% score has not changed over the past week even with different demographic input into the review system. One researcher named Sheila Allen’s on YouTube paid to have the Rotten Tomatoes site scraped of the audience reviews which they then placed in a spreed sheet researchers could look at. I looked at the spreed sheet myself and found many instances of type-set errors, which could be caused by the scraping software, but on a cursory analysis seemed to coincide with higher reviews. Also I found that large blocks of white space seemed to also run parallel with higher reviews as well as other strange anomalies. In the end, judge for yourself. Links as mentioned, to Sheila Allen’s Youtube and database can be found here:

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