Published on Jan 13, 2020
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Hi there Steemians.

I took a timelapse video of the sun setting on the farm. It's around 30 seconds long. Which is probably not that long, but it took more than an hour to get 30 seconds of footage in timelapse mode because it continuesly takes photos and adds it into a movie so to speak. Oh it also eats so much battery power I would not recommend doing such a thing without your phone on charge if you want to get a decent video.

Ok enjoy the sunset, but also notice the cloud to the right its almost as if it's blooming like a rose, or if you have somewhat of a twisted mind it starts out as a nuclear mushroom cloud.

It was a bit ironic because I put the phone in its position for a timelapse video and went around to the otherside of the house to get some pictures of the horses grazing in the field and I saw this cloud took a few photos never thinking it would even show on the timelapse video.
Sorry it's a bit skew I did try to get it as straight as possible.

Enjoy guys and much love all the way here from South Africa.

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