Published on Sep 01, 2019
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The trip this time was to Paya Jaya, and we stopped at the Aceh Pidie mila river to just relax and enjoy the coolness of the mila river water which was so clean.

This is a river that is suitable for fighting, because this river does not have a worrying depth, so the shallowness of river water like this we can sleep in the water or bathe while enjoying the coolness of the mila river water.

The mila river which is located in the deepening of aceh pidie is indeed not like a busy tourist spot visited by tourists, this river is still natural and not preserved, so it's natural that this river still looks plain and quiet, only just visited by local residents to take a bath, sparking clothes, even washing their private cars.

At a glance, the river is almost similar in shape to the river in Batailik, except that the river does not have large rocks like the one in the Batailik river, but the water is still relatively cool because the river water flows from the mountains.

This river appeals to me because it is shallow, and also not muddy, because the floor of this river is filled with soft little pebbles, and anyway aru from the river water is not swift, it just flows slowly and relaxed, so we will not worried that it would be carried by the current.

Well friends, if you go on a tour to deepen aceh pidie it never hurts to stop in the mila river, and feel for yourself the coolness of the river's water.

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