Published on Sep 06, 2019
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Hi threespeak community ..
In the video I shared a story about exploring tourist attractions in Aceh Pidie.

The tourist spot that we explored this time was the Lala River which is one lane with the Milan River that we visited last week.

The river mila with the river Lala is almost similar to its location, but the river Lala has a wider area so it is perfect for relaxing on the edge of the river with friends.

The lala river is shallower compared to the mila river that we visited last week, and the lala river has more small pebbles compared to the mila river that we visited last week.

The mila river and the lala river are natural tourist attractions, but the location of these tourist attractions is not much known by tourists, therefore we need to disseminate information about tourist attractions in the region so that foreign tourists are interested in visiting places that are pretty here.

Thank you for watching our video and hopefully inspiring all of you ...


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