Published on Dec 23, 2019
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I think the video in this post is long overdue. In May 2018, I went on an Alaska cruise on the Carnival Legend with my sister (@vegoutt-travel). The cruise lasted around a week and it took us to several amazing ports up in Alaska. One such port was Skagway. Skagway is a small city (population around 1,000) in southeast Alaska.


Skagway is the home of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway. If you are going to Skagway, I strongly recommend going on this train journey. The round trip lasts about 2 ½ to 3 hours. The trip begins in downtown Skagway and takes you up into the mountains to Carcross and then back to Skagway. The train station is easy to access and find. It is located not far from the port (few minutes walk), which is ideal if you reached Skagway by cruise ship, see map above.


On the day that we took the train, we were fortunate to have great weather. The sky was brilliantly blue but there was still plenty of snow in the mountains. It was strange to have all that snow around and not feel cold. Of the ports we visited on this cruise, Skagway was my favourite. The train was the highlight but the town itself was very picturesque. I am glad we had a couple of hours spare before getting back on the cruise ship to explore the place. Below are a few photographs of the town.

Tour of the Town


The Old White Pass Train


Carnival Legend in Port


My Sister (@vegoutt-travel) in Town


Me here and there


##n What’s in the video?


The video brings the experience of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway to your screen. The video captures several key and exciting moments of the journey. Captured and presented in this video are mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, historic buildings, tunnels and even the occasional waterfall.

The video runs for just over 20 minutes. The video consists of video footage from the entire journey. Some of the landscape appears twice in the video but from different angles and direction as I film going both up and down the mountain. Some of the video is filmed from my seat and some of it was filmed outside between carriages. I hope you enjoy the video and possibly consider taking a trip or cruise that takes you to Skagway.

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I still have plenty of photographs and video footage from this holiday. I will be making more videos in the coming months.

YouTube Version

Just in case, the 3Speak version becomes unavailable at some point. I have also uploaded the video to YouTube.

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