Published on Jun 18, 2020
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I am a stacker and also a prepper. Which prepper does not know how to use a Ferro rod and striker to start a fire? Watch the short one-minute video above to see how I do it!


Hello, awesome alphabet hunters and #feelgood community! I am back to join you in @barbara-orenya's weekly fun challenge. #alphabethunt. And here we go!

My first word for this week' s #AlphabetHunt Letter I

is the word 1️⃣ IGNITE.


Even with email as the popular and fastest way to communicate, I still write several letters and send out several greeting cards a month. And my favorite set of writing instrument are my 2️⃣ink pens.


This piece of furniture is very special to me. It is the furniture that I posses from our original family home. It was providential that I decided to take it with me (because it was small enough to transport) when I went to attend the University. It has been with me ever since. I want to share with you a family home memento, a mother of pearl 3️⃣inlaid table.

😍 #ilikeitalot!😍

Inlaying is a decorative technique, where some of a surface is cut out and filled in with another material so that the surface of the inlay is the same height as the original surface. Usually, the inlay material is brightly colored, a shiny metal, or a pretty material such as mother of pearl. The surface being inlaid is most commonly wood, and inlay work is commonly seen on furniture in some countries.


I is for 4️⃣INSECT.
Spring and summer months are when bees are very active where I live. This busy bee was all over my backyard one morning!


This is the utility room in my house and I spend time here at least twice a week. It is in this room that I do laundry and ironing of my clothes, bed sheets, and pillowcases. It houses my 5️⃣ironing board and iron.


My last letter I word is 6️⃣ISLAND.
I love to travel. Two winters ago, I traveled to Asia. I spent a day swimming, snorkeling and zip-lining from one island to another. This amazingly beautiful and peaceful place called Hundred Island. It is incredible that there is a place in the world with over one hundred islands!
[//]:# (!pinmapple 16.214015 lat 120.039950 long d3scr)

There you have it, my friends! My selection of SIX words starting with the letter I for this week's #alphabethunt.
Thank you to @barbara-orenya for hosting this fun challenge!

All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6.


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Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!


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I used Pinmapple to pin this post to the world map using a code generated at Pinmapple to mark the place where I traveled to Asia and took the photos.

It is so cool! You should try it!

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