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Published on Feb 07, 2020
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The longest running post promotion show on Steem. On twice on Thursdays in an effort to make it easier for people in other parts of the world to take place.

You can promote your own posts or the post of someone else that you really like.

Attendees take turns sharing posts and getting to know each other. It’s a great way to get eyes on your content.
You never know where discussions are going to go during PYPT. Sometimes a post will spark discussions and off we go for a while.

Each post shared will earn SHADE, a token created to have some fun curating posts. When you earn 100SHADE you can start to share it with others. Share on comments using !SHADE x where x is any number from 1-5



There will be some SBI (Steem Basic Income) and SHADE being given away at each show but you have to be present and participating to win.

PYPT is as much about promoting your own posts as it is about discovering the posts of others. We’re in this community together and it is always good to know who the members are.

Remember, comments on the posts are just as important as the upvotes. ALSO, you can earn SHADE when commenting (with real comments) on posts shared at PYPT.

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