Published on Feb 20, 2020
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I wanted to make a break down of the situation for my Youtube audience who might not be following these things as closely as the Steem community has. If you are all the way up to date with the situation you can skip to 7:20 to hear my thoughts on the matter. The main point I want to bring up is that there should be a plan of action in case things go south. I'd rather not have this community be a fork. It's kind of hard to beat the established chain and I think it would be a lose-lose situation. I don't think not allowing witness voting for part of the Justin Sun stake would be hostile; it's just a step to ensure that this blockchain isn't centralized. Another possibility would be to change the rules on how we vote for witnesses.

Would be interested to hear discussion of these ideas down below if you're not already too worn out from all the Tron discussion.

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