Published on Apr 27, 2020
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“Shelter at Home! - 04” by Richard F. Yates & Mariah Yates

Howdy Talk Radio Fans!!! Mariah ( @mariahyates on and ) and I have finally gotten our rear-ends together and recorded a new show. In this episode (for something new) we talk about what we’re doing to kill time during LOCK DOWN! (What I SHOULD be doing in lock down is turning on my wife’s Hive account and handing her the computer…but NO, I’m typing this instead! Ha!!!) Anyway, we have fun making these shows. We aren’t REALLY talking to a bunch of people, but it makes us FEEL like we are, and that gives our lives meaning! What gives YOUR life meaning? Let us know in the comments, and we might read your response on our next program---if it’s funny and only cusses a little bit…

Meanwhile, here are the topics that we touched on (to a greater or lesser degree) during our conversation:

---Casio SA-46 keyboard (a music making machine)

---Clematis (a type of flower)

---Peony (a different type of flower)

---My chalk art design from this afternoon

---Fotomat (a place from before digital photography)

---negatives (a thing from before digital photography)

---View-Master (my favorite toy from my childhood)

---Pez (my favorite collectible, besides records and comics)

---Vinyl records (a format for audio distribution)

---Comic books (a type of cheap book that ruins people’s lives)

---Zines (independently produced magazines that are cool even if they suck)

---Microzine (a small, eight-page type of zine made from a single sheet of paper)

---Dick Tracy (crime fighting character)

---The Museum of Postcard Art (a thing I invented)

---Ralph Waldo Emerson (a writing guy)

---Walt Whitman (a poetry guy)

---Malibu Rum (a drink)

---St. Brendan’s Irish Cream (a different drink)

---Time (a magazine)

---Life (a different magazine…sort of)

---stampers (letters and numbers and stuff…)

---Locke & Key (a t.v. show)

---Joe Hill (a writer, who has a dad)

---Stephen King (a dad to this one writer guy…and he writes a bit himself)

---Creepshow (a horror / comedy anthology film)

---Locke & Key (a comic written by Joe Hill)

---Harry Potter (a character from a series of books and movies)

---The Magicians (an urban fantasy t.v. show)

---I am Not Okay with This (t.v. series)

---It (a film about a spooky clown)

---Juno (a movie that Mariah and Ellie love, but that I’ve never watched)

---Stranger Things (a t.v. show that a few people have seen)

---Carrie (a classic horror film)

---the prom goes badly after someone pulls a prank on Carrie… (not for the squeamish)

---The End of the Fxxxxng World (a comic book)

---The End of the Fxxxxng World (a t.v. show)***ing_World

---Charles Forsman (a writer)

---The Dark Crystal (a fantasy / horror puppet movie)

---The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance (a prequel puppet show)

---Fizzgig (a dog-like monster puppet)

---Christine (a movie about a killer car)

---John Carpenter (a director of fine films)

---Vinnie Barbarino (a character from an awesomely horrible t.v. show)

---Welcome Back, Kotter (an awesomely horrible t.v. show),_Kotter

---John Travolta (an actor and other stuff)

---Keith Gordon (actor, whose name we couldn’t remember, who plays the main character in Christine)

---Spook Show Reviews (Halloween-esque movie reviews that I write)

---Simon Pegg (an acting guy)

---The Chamberlain (a character from The Dark Crystal voiced by Simon Pegg in the prequel)

---Natalie Dormer (an acting woman)

---Game of Thrones (a t.v. show that a few people have seen)

---Teron Egerton (another acting guy)

---Kingsman – Secret Service (an action film with a sense of humor)

---more cowbell (a skit from SNL)

---Cowlitz Indian Tribe

---Animal Collective (a band)

---Neutral Milk Hotel (a different band)

---The Olivia Tremor Control (another different band)

---Tame Impala (not the same another different band)

---Syd Barrett (a singer / songwriter and founding member of Pink Floyd)

---OMD (aka: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) (a new wave band)

---The Go-Go’s (a California punk band that somehow got popular)

---Cyndi Lauper (a brilliant musician and performer)

---Toni Basil (a dancer / choreographer / musician)

---Yaz (aka: Yazoo) (a British new wave duo)

---“Don’t Go” by Yaz

---Stereo MC’s (a band)

---Beastie Boys (a NY punk / hip hop / funk / comedy band)

---Deee-Lite (a techno / hip hop / electro / dance band)

---“Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite

---Fozzie Bear (a puppet character)

---The Muppets (a t.v. puppet show that was awesome)

---VHS Tapes (an obsolete video distribution format)

And that’s all I’m going to link to this time… I think that’s a lot, already. Probably too much. Sorry. Chances are, you aren’t even reading this because it’s way too far down in the post. But I’m still happy with this stuff. I love talking about my favorite things---and I even enjoy talking about things I DON’T like, if they’re BAD enough.

So there you go. Hope you liked the show! We’ll probably make another episode in a few days, if we get bored enough… Wooo!!!

Later skaters!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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