Published on Aug 27, 2019
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Ara city. Month of Bhadon. Dark night of Krishna Paksha. Heavy rain As always, lightning strikes, the loud sound of rain makes the depths and smells of the night more intense. The city plunged into darkness and slept for a big fee in its house. But Sachdev Bab's eyes were not sleepy. They lay in comfortable beds in their bedroom inside their luxurious building. But sleeping does not make you sleepy. For sleep - like certainty and befree. If needed, she was far away from them. That was the contract, however, it was not just Sachdev Babu. The entire city was in awe of this fear. Theft came, braided. Incidents of murder, rape, trafficking and kidnapping had made people fearless and vulnerable. Never had this night, this city, which was living in Saman, now started turning into shamani silence in the evening. Now at night the people appearing in the streets and contracts and streets were suspicious people, not ordinary and elite citizens of the city. When what is here Come on, everyone was terrorized. When he was building this house in this city, Sachdev Babu was very happy that in the metros. Pickles are a staggering, toxic, unfriendly and deceitful, isolated place in a quiet, spontaneous, innocent village village. But now the horrors of the metropolis were badly stricken and disturbed rather than the strangeness of the metropolis. They demand money. These rainy nights they seemed to be the only signs of destruction and destruction. Call it misuse or ironically, the thing about which man remains apprehensive, sometimes that thing happens. Sachdev Babu, who was afraid of this dark, stormy, rainy night night, was also beginning to feel his feelings. He felt the pain of the visitor. His suspicions were correct. Now the sound of patting on the door was also started. Someone was really threatening. But Sachdev Bab's wife asked him in a suppressed voice, "Who is this Yadu Mistry? "He too knows the answer in his voice." Raj Mistry. Has worked in this house. One of the Egyptians who came with the contractor was also there. "" So it was. Why the time has come All these masons and laborers are not good, they are informers of the house. Everything indoors and outdoors. They have to be seen. "He expressed his doubts. In response, Sachdev Babu also gave his consent to his doubt." The laborers of this house - the Egyptians - were involved in the previous theft. No one was known except the way of coming from the roof to the courtyard without a ladder. "The voice of Yadu Mistry's call and patting continued. "Have you fallen asleep, Sir? Engineer Sir! I am Yadu Mistry, Yadu! "

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