Published on Nov 01, 2019
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Back in the air for our second holiday abroad in 1970. Mallorca again.

I wonder what book I was reading? I do remember enjoying 'Emil and the Detectives' by Erich Kästner around that time so maybe it was that.

We stayed the same hotel (Hotel Alomar) in the same town (C'an Picafort) as the first year. Creatures of habit I guess.

Really not sure what that giant teapot is about

I love the dog with the ring - "anyone want to play with me?".

I was not much of a swimmer.

The football match - I think it was hotel guests v hotel staff perhaps.

Check my giant sombrero.

And back to the ice-cream - you can never have too much ice-cream - particularly when you are 10 years old.

Oh, there's my broken front tooth - I got that falling off roof of the polieman's garage (don't ask me how).

Back to the swimming pool - what's with the rubber ring? Kick and splash boy, kick and splash.

Really not sure why I was wetting the football - and then my sister sent me back to do it again. Weird eh?

Playing the fool, playing a monkey and playing with dogs.

Hello peacocks, hello baby peacocks...

And back to the ice-creams.

Then it was time to say our goodbyes and time to go home.

Monarch Airlines to Luton Airport again.

Who were those people welcoming us home? I guess I'll never know...

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