Published on Oct 26, 2019
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Beloved in steem, Greetings to you all!

We must always appreciate the love that people show for us. Not always receiving the love and leaving them as if we have nothing to do or offer for those who show us some love.

One of the task which most vital and difficult too is curation. Producing content can be said to be optional, which no one will blame you, but for Communities, Scribes or recognised blogs to curate our work are sometimes mandatory, since it seems causing more harm than good not curating Community of say thousand people's work. Look at the complains that normally comes from the individual steemians of their work not being curated. But who will blame a steemian who fails to share his content with the community just a day or 3days, it is not normally monitored.

How much appreciation or recognition have I shown to my curators for the past 1year 5months, and for those who have been in steem for 3years. Would it be possible to run some promotional programme for all curators? This is a suggestion, or is there anything we can do differently to reward or appreciate all curators to make them motivated? Even, if this not possible, we can still show our appreciation by given them some thank you message or thank you post. It is possible for us to show our appreciation, because, we could share some content in which all the reward from the payout can be given to such curated and invite steemians to upvote, like what some communities or blogs have been doing to support others.

I consider the work load of curators, being heavy and this raises a question to all us, can everyone be a curator? Yes, every one can author and at the same time curator. But there are some steemians, communities, scribes or blogs which their work is only to curate and give us much weight on our content posts, for those categories, their votes counts alot with high payout compare to we the individual steemians.

Let's take for instant curator like: @sniffnscurry in @steemchurch, @threespeak(@theycallmedan, @starkerz, @oracle-d and may others), @tipu, @rocky1, @therising, @smartsteem, @dtube, @steemleo, @neoxian and many other curators. They have really served the steem blockchain with their curation power for steemians, and they need to be appreciated. Check from community to community, how steemians are over relying on these curators for upvotes. It becomes a blow when these curators fail even one day to curate our work, how we normally complain bitterly. But who think of appreciating their work, even saying thank you? Though the reward manna is 50%:50% betweem the author and the curator in the @newsteem but we still have to appreciate their work, since I see their work been difficult compared to content creating.

With the #Newsteem, the curation are fairly distributed by the curators, rewarding content with high quality. Have we asked ourselves how this is being monitored, even to move from one content post to the other is not easy. Again, allocating the percentage of reward to be given to the fellow is also another difficult task. I believe we should take all these facotors into consideration and see how we can appreciate the work of curators more in addition to what they get today. Thank you!

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