Published on Sep 02, 2019
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Hello Steemians greeting to you all! I hope you are doing well.

The video talks about how successful I have been able to grow my Steem business about a year and 3 months, therefore the need for steemians to check me out.

  • We started with many steemians but they have quit due to having the thought of experiencing the bull run way back 2017, but unfortunately #Steem price is still low.

  • I see my self to be successful in my steem journey a year and 3 month; having grown my reputation up to #64, made more than #600 posts, commented more than #4000 posts and having #790 SP mean a lot to me.

  • In have been to so many blogs and gave my maximum best: @steemchurch, @dtube, @steemiteducation, @ntopaz, @actific and many others. I am currently in @threespeak which is helping many steemians who upload their videos there. I this video I commended them for their effort.

I follow many Steen achievers and early adopters, learn from them and use their experiences to also grow my steem business.

In the video I explained that I devote much time for steem; dawn, morning, evening night and any little chance I get I use to develop my Steen business.

I talked about steem being best platform which seek credibility and authenticity in the contents that we share in the steemit block chain, that why @steemitclearners are here with us.

I thanked most steem fans who love me and give upvotes every now and then; @sniffnscurry, @sirknight, @theycallmedan, @nathanmars and many other steemians who have helped my journey in steem.

I concluded by urging all steemians to devote their time for the steem and focuss long term investment of steem rather than getting much from Steen now.

Thank you very much for your time, please watch my video and let us share how we can improve steem!

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