Published on Sep 15, 2019
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Greetings to you all Steemians!

In this video, I tried to analysed how people talk about the need for creativity by steemians. As a result, it raises the question: "So, Is Creativity Expensive in Steem"?

I shared all my opinion that Creativity in Steem is Expensive, since money, resources, energy and a lot of time is involved to be able to come out with creative post.

I made two emphasis here: the first is an artist steemian, who draw and paint need some items like: cardboard, pencil paint to furnish the art work, in this case that artist has to spend a lot of time and energy.

The second emphasis is the creation of videos to upload in #3Speak, to get more rewards you need to get good camera footage, when giving updates of Bitcoin news you need computer or laptops to demonstrate the figures on the screen for Steemians to see. Videos and pictures that would be inserted are time consuming.

All these things are time and money consuming of which most steemians feel reluctant to create. In spite of all these challenges, there are more rewards in creativity than the raw post, let's create and enjoy.

You can visit my video for more information. Thank you!

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