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Published on Feb 05, 2020
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Funny how even the worst ever thought being will be sent away on final day with a eulogy like they lived their best life helping the rich, yes the rich. Not to get me wrong, but the 2nd President of our country passed away yesterday and we all knew him as a good person coupled with a million crimes behind his attempts to clinch power with the first for so long, 24 years to be precise. We mourning yes but again we moruning the innocent lived lost and totured during his tenure.

Away from that, a shoutout to this awesome community @bdvoter for the immense support and how I wish the AFrican in me could lead me to such paths. Also a massive thankyou to one amazing steemian @me-tarzan who goes into my Guinness Book Of Record for the support in my content, long live.

To every one out there watching and upvoting my content, it's with huge thumbs up I say THANKYOU and I vow to up my growth for a more fascinating and engaging content .
Last but not the list, to the @threespeak curators, for the 'little' support thank you as you up the game.

You can follow a true ninja on Instagram(modern-trojan) for collaborations and artistic services, we all know it means a life to him.

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