Published on Apr 05, 2020
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Here is a free-writing and free-form performance written and recorded within a two hour time period to preserve the immediacy and charge of the moment.

This is my first post on 3speak! So welcome to me!


The devil and the child sit down for a conversation and a cup of black goo
Together they reminisce on the memories and the loves
on the trials that life on earth has blessed us with

The devil commences his diatribe
The child sits and listens

You see my evil planned worked
Well it's working
Can't you see, it's about power and control
But power over what
Who really can tell?

We need stories
Yes, the mathematical mind takes over and says
me me me
But we need stories

Stories are told by the young ones
The young ones have a lot to tell
If we just listen with ears wide open
[this is referenced from a song written by Cestmir Bergsma and I here: ]

Do you want the devil as your consultant?
Well here I am
I'm also in the gentle breeze
And the birds that go tweet tweet

Is the darkness alive your consultant?
Who can tell, that one is the same
Don't forget to breathe through this ordeal

My only friend
Get back on the street, live a full life
There's one thing you know is certain
As the darkness envelopes your soul...

Show the world what you've got
Show it what you are
Express you true inner self
Whatever that may be
All those things you found on the shelves
of supermarket spirituality
That those hipsters in that gentrified town
Told you all those years ago

The great black sage, stands up
A well dressed man, ready to speak

Here we are, at the behest of time
At the threshhold of consciousness
I need products
I need results
I need commodities
Why aren't you working harder?
I need
I need
I must
I want
I will

We both sip from the top of our cups
We never take the smallest at the black muck at the bottom

We play from fire
We play with the fire
We are the fire
Be the fire, child!
So obsessed with your freedom!
Run, head first into the flames!

All these games do not matter!
Run, run into the flames!

And all this politics and clatter!
Fly, fly through the earth and its ugly matter

All this apparent allure,
wake up to its bullshit and lies

What are the stories?
But symbols come to life
Allow your mind to tell a deep long loving story

Bring yourself and your tribe
back home for a time
Before you take that one last look into the veil
And open the door to the endless trail

And breathe easy my love
Have hope in the end
My only friend
Little child inside
My only friend [obviously a reference to the Doors]


The fire clip used in this is stock footage from - Thanks Mitch Martinez!

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