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Published on Aug 22, 2019
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Greetings @threespeak, I share with you my Series of Geometric and Symmetric Abstract Animated Compositions.


Animated Compositions

Create Mars

- The Art of Exploring Figures and Forms -

GirusCopius - Orbetrux 1

Orbetrux 1 is the name of my second Composition of the GirusCopius Series. The presentation of the following is by means of a video (animation), I hope you like it and enjoy the product of my Creativity and Ingenuity..

Recommendation: See the Video in Youtube with a quality of 720p HD

Central Shape - Rotating Universe

- Rotating Universe -

The Central Form is the Rotating Universe (a term created by me to identify the set of figures that rotate in the plane) where the figures and compositions of the set are related to each other.

For each GirusCopius model a different Rotating Universe will be designed with elements and figures that will create a composition. I use Asymmetric and Symmetric Abstract Geometric shapes for the planning of these elements.

For this Rotating Universe, 14 figures were conjugated with geometric shapes that rotate in the same axis, some with a clockwise direction and others against the clockwise direction. Each one of these figures rotate in the same axis according to the explorations you are doing.


[Orbetrux 1]

(Animated Compositions)

If you want to know a little more about my work, I invite you to enter this blog

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