Published on May 23, 2020
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Respect Threespeakers!

This video is gettin' more and more censored on YT, that's why i save it on 3Speak for
the sake of Freedom, Free Speech and as an example for other politicians and celebrities
to follow Sara Cunials example. As you can check in my first post about this speech, the video
with over 1 Million views has already been taken down by lame ass YT (Google).
9 days ago at the Palazzo Montecitorio ,which is the Italian Chamber of Deputies,
Sara Cunial held this impressive fiery speech exposing the whole agenda, including
also 5G,media, big pharma,tracking and of course "Kill Bill" and his depopulation plans.
The subtitles should give you 80% of the message, her tone in her voice speaks an
own language,too.
Even though YT censored a lot of uploads of the video, it keeps popping up, which means
people downloading more and more proof of the scamdemic/plandemic to re-upload.
That's a nice decentralized effect. Soon they will explore platforms like 3Speak,
and Freedom of Speech wins.

Be blessed,stay safe and keep on exposing this Scamdemic/Plandemic


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informationwar deepdives freespeech covid-19 vaccination


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