Published on May 08, 2020
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Anyone remember the game Deux Ex Human Revolution? It involved a conspiracy by the Illuminati to control humanity. It was rated 9/10 back in 2011, which is very good. The story is well done.

At the beginning you hear them speaking about putting society in discomfort so that they will be primed to accept the Illuminati's plan. Part of that involves a biochip. This is similar to some ideas about conspiracies relating to exploiting the scamdemic around the COVID-19 virus and lockdown. I just find it interesting that this game had a conspiracy story that touches on points that might be happening now.

Is the craze for a vaccine to "save" us from the flu-like COVID non-threat going to lead to "immunity" passports, or people using an implanted nanochip to detect what vaccine have been administered? Or for some other purpose? There are some who want that.

Just check out DARPA, they are working on In Vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN). The goal is to inject nanoparticles, potentially though vaccines, "nanoparticles for persistent, distributed, unobtrusive physiologic and environmental sensing, as well as the treatment of physiologic abnormalities, illness, and infectious disease."

People are being forced into increasing stages of desperation as they can't work. They might do anything just to put food on the table. With a lockdown partially lifted, and probably returning in the fall, how many people will reject whatever vaccine the government tries to impose? Get the vaccine and work, or don't get it and starve. Nice choice. That's not freedom. That's tyranny.

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