Published on Mar 19, 2020
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We’re officially about 19 hours away from the Hive launch as I put the finishing touches on this upload and write this post.

The STEEM price has rallied to an insane degree. Going up as much as 200% and currently holding at about +88% on the day. STEEM rallied from $0.12 to now $0.33 and climbing.

We’re seeing an incredible amount of volume on the exchanges and we’re also seeing an incredible amount of attention in the crypto space. Several crypto KOLs (key opinion leaders) including Vitalik Buterin have tweeted about the Steem & Hive situation in support of the community moving to Hive.

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Vitalik said he’s keeping a close eye on Steem & Hive and if Hive overtakes Steem in terms of market cap/general usage, then it will be an amazing testament to decentralized communities and the inability for people like Justin Sun to buy a community.

The Steem and Now Hive Community are charting new territories. We are testing the waters and we are paving the path for future decentralized communities.

I’m so happy to have a front-row seat to such a fascinating situation. It’s stressful and there are plenty of long hours, but this community is worth it and the reward waiting for us as we buidl our community going forward can’t go understated.

In This Episode:

  • STEEM Up 200% on News of Hardfork and Upcoming Airdrop for HIVE Tokens
  • Major Volume Increase for STEEM
  • Massive Bump In Press & Attention From The Crypto Space, Including Vitalik Buterin
  • Binance & Other Exchanges Are Honoring The Airdrop
  • Several Exchanges Have Announced Listings for HIVE/BTC
  • Anyx Node and Other Key Apps/Infrastructure Announce the Move to Hive
  • Justin is Buying Up STEEM and Moving to Exchanges to Get HIVE. Is This a Potential Threat to Hive?

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