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Published on Jan 25, 2020
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I had the incredible honor of interviewing @theycallmedan from Dan is a pro poker player, quora writer, investor and entrepreneur. He has quite a bit of experience in the crypto space and has weathered the storms of being an investor in volatile markets and being a poker player who needs to manage a finite bankroll.

Dan is the Co-Founder of - a decentralized video streaming service built on the Steem blockchain. 3speak is providing a safe, secure and censorship-resistant platform to video content creators. In a world of uncertainty coming from centralized web 2.0 sites such as YouTube, 3speak is providing a much needed sense of security and ownership to content creators across the globe.

This is just the beginning for 3speak as a decentralized hub for video content. In this episode, Dan talks about many of the innovations happening at 3speak right now and in the near future.

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