Published on Jun 11, 2020
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Who's your favorite Cartoon or Anime character? You can use it here in puzzle! When I was nothing to do, this idea of Puzzle came to my mind for my kids. One on their favorite cartoon character was Goku of Dragonball Z.

Dragonball Z was first released in the Philippines in 1994, dubbed in Tagalog Language. The series began when Goku was young with one child Gohan. The series stop on the battle of CELL GAME in the year 1995 and never been aired again. But in the year 1995, the month of August. The series was resumed but the fight against CELL was not continued, instead, the series began with a young monkey-tailed boy named Goku. So frustrated that time.

The Dragonball-Z Series

Dragonball Z is from the Japanese Anime series produced by the famous Toei Animation. My favorite adventure in Dragonball Z was finding the 7 Dragonballs to make a wish! One wish only after they gather the 7 balls and they need to wait for 1 year to replenish the energy of the ball for the next desired or wish.

Because the series is so popular, they made computer games for it and the computer game was sold out very fast in America and in the other countries!>

Because of that! I made a puzzle card for my children and I know they will like it! But I hope they don't fight just because of this puzzle that I made. Usually, when Gabbie has one, John-John must have also, to avoid conflict.

Actually, that was 2 layer of puzzle. The thin and thick board but the same image and size. This is my trick for my kids but they will never be confused because of the thickness of the board.

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