Published on Mar 13, 2020
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Yeah Yeah, hello, me @jonsnow1983 long time no see you and stuff, it's been a long time and bla bla. Everyone knows what's going on on #Steem and all the hassle and hustle the community is enduring.

This is a message to all of you Champs and as the title says; A warning to those who want to damage our beloved blockchain. Never understimate the power of a true community.

Oh and please rate my English!

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Original Speech By History Channel's "Vikings"

“All of my life, and all of your lives, have come to this point. There is nowhere else to be but here. Nowhere else to live or die, but here. To be here now is the only thing that matters. So gather yourselves, gather all of your strength and sweetness into an iron ball. For we will attack again and again. Until we reach and overcome their king, or we die in the attempt. Attack! Attack! Attack! Blow the horns! Beat the drums! And have courage! For there will be no turning back, only victory or death!”

Steem On!

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