Published on May 22, 2020
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Besides making some new raised boxes in the garden, I feel as though it has been neglected. Yet things seem to be coming along nicely. That dang Marion BlackBerry Bush is always out of control. I am half tempted to trim it back again. I already did it in the fall and it doesn’t look like I touched it.

If you can’t tell we do have a liking to strawberries. I didn’t count but I would say we have close to 50 plants. I believe here are 20 just in the 2 fence boxes. When I tore out the old boxes I threw away a 5 gallon bucket full of small strawberry plants. I had hundreds of them but no place to put them. So, they had to go. No worries though, these strawberry plants will produce chutes and start more strawberry plants, an endless supply.

My Apple Trees need some serious help. Maybe I should learn how to prune them properly?? Lol. We have been growing these for 6 years and still no fruit... My son bought the seeds home from the apple we sent him with for lunch. I hope to one day get some apples from these trees. One thing we did notice is that a couple of the trees didn’t have any holes in the bottom for the water to drain... not good, not good at all... I take full blame for that.

I really want to get more blueberry bushes. I keep telling myself that, ya I never do. Lol. This year our blueberry bush is really producing. Last year we maybe got a little handful. We thought it was dead. Well once again we were proven wrong.

Well I hope you all enjoy this little update of what is happening in the Splatts Garden. We don’t have a whole lot going on and we are trying to keep things simple this year. If keeping things simple around the Splatts house is even possible.

Happy Food Flinging my Fellow Food Fight Friday Friends...

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