Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Dancing Cow Day or Organic Cow Day has become very popular in Denmark. Almost 250,00 Danes are said to attend. There are events taking place across most of Denmark. Organic farming rules say that cows have to be let out to pasture from April to November. It's amazing how happy they are when they are put on grass for the first time in spring after a long winter in the stables.

My dearest wife @kamile and I had a chance to see this spectacular moment while visiting Brian Fruergaard's farm in Nørager, Denmark. Despite the fact, Brian's farm was not registered to the official event organizers list and was open only to some closest friends, I am sure cows were just as happy as anywhere else...

The video was filmed in Nørager, #Denmark
Editor: @kamile
Equipment used: Canon 700D
Software used: Adobe Premiere Pro

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Tautvydas! (Tot)

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