Published on Oct 11, 2019
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Alkaline Water - helps in balancing the pH level of our body. PH level means (power of hydrogen) The concentration of hydrogen in our body is called the PH level. The scale of PH ranges from 1 to 14. If the pH level of water is 7, then it will be called a balanced and is considered good for our health.

And if the water pH level scale is in the range of 5 or 4, then the water is considered to be acidic and is not at all good for health. Tap water contains different dissolved components that influence its pH level. As stated above Pure water has a pH level close to 7. Alkaline water also has a pH above 7.

In today's video, I share with you - Simple & easy way to make Alkaline water at home. Drinking Alkaline water has numerous health benefits and one of the main benefits is that it keeps your body Ph levels balanced & helps fight against deadly diseases like cancer. Some of the other benefits of drinking Alkaline Water is as follows: -

1. Alkaline water is considered to be a powerful antioxidant

2. Alkaline water stabilizes the body pH levels

3. Alkaline water assists detoxify the body

4. Alkaline water helps in better hydration

5. Alkaline water strengthens the immune system

6. Alkaline water promotes weight loss

7. Alkaline water prevents the development of diabetes

8. Alkaline water advocates fight cancer

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