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Published on Jul 10, 2019
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Hello Friends..

This video is inline to my earlier video on - What are the best fruits for diabetics to Eat?
The question that many people have asked is about Mangoes.
Mangoes - Good or Bad for Diabetic People?

In simple words, the answer is Yes! But wait you need to understand - how much to eat and what are the conditions first. A person can enjoy mangoes by having them in moderation. However, a person need to check his/her blood sugar before you reach for that yummy bite.

Also as suggested by health experts - They simply put it in simple words: Eating low-glycemic index foods (GI value <=55) is considered as an important tool to control diabetes. If we look at the glycemic index of mango, it is 51 which gives us an indication that it is safe to eat a mango. But, the question here is: Is it a good idea to eat mangoes without portion control? My answer is “Big No”.

This Video talks more about the question in hand are Mangoes - Good or Bad for Diabetic People? Watch the Video to know more about it.

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